Watch & Writing Instruments

Kallol is not only well known for the FMCG products but also carries a great position in the minds of the customers for the prestigious international watch brands. Kallol is the sole distributor of 24 international watch brands and 5 international writing instruments.

Kallol’s exclusive show rooms TIME ZONE offers the finest selection of genuine watches of internationally renowned brands with international guarantee cards. TIME ZONE is the only point of sale for distribution of authentic and genuine watch, along with after sales service.

The exclusive show rooms named “TIME ZONE” has warmly welcomed thousands of Bangladeshis to wear the prestigious exclusive brands. Like Rado, Longines, Tissot, Pierre Cardin, CK, Casio, Continental, Everswiss, Esprit, Swatch, Wester, Kolber, Timex, Titan, Romanson, Citizen, Credence, Cellox, Seiko, Olympia Star, Fiyta, Rossini, Tommy Hilfiger and many more.

There are 41 such showrooms all over Bangladesh.

Kallol also solely distributes exceptional, exclusive world class writing instruments, which are : Waterman, Parker, Cross, Pierre Cardin, Sheaffer.

Cairnhill offers a collection of watch for the people of distinction in their career and life. Marked with grace and poise, the watches are a distinction in its own mark. Targeted towards the upper class  of men and women with a limited number of watches cater to the upper quartile of the consumers, the designs are simple, elegant in its own term and distinctive. Today, Casio is most commonly known for durable, large sized watches. Especially popular are its dual function (LCD and analog) watches, some of which, including Wave Ceptor and Pro Trek / Pathfinder series, receive radio signals daily from an atomic clock to keep accurate time. Cellox offers choices to the middle class  and a wide range of models available in latest modern style for both men and women. During the last ninety-three years Citizen has expanded its business throughout the world and has achieved recognition as a global brand. The past 30 year period has coincided with the company’s dramatic rise to its current position as the world’s largest watchmaker, a distinction Citizen has held every year since 1986. The US designer Calvin Klein and the Swatch Group pooled their formidable talent in 1997 to create cK watch, a watch brand with graphic lines that are striking, refined and contemporary. A new and inimitable type of watch was born – the fashion accessory watch. Continental: 1924, almost a 100 years ago, the brand CONTINENTAL was registered. Since that date it has become an essential feature in the world of Swiss watch manufacturing. Credence watches have a wide range of variety to offer choices to the growing middle and upper middle class of the country. Poised in grace ness , unique in style and modeled for perfection, this brand has made its mark as a leading timepiece in the category and have become the precious possession for the consumer. Esprit is an international youthful lifestyle brand offering smart, affordable luxury  timepieces and bringing newness and style to life. Everswiss offers a wide range of Swiss made classic watches, catering to current trends of the quality conscious customers balancing with great value for money. The range offered comprises classic models, unique ladies fancy watches and pair models in bracelets & genuine leather straps. Since its inception, Kolber has consistently produced collections that are both  elegant yet trendy,  merging the traditional with a hint of youthful exuberance. The oldest trademark in the world, Longines is known not just for its elegance but for its pioneering and innovative role in the history of both aviation and sports . A Swiss brand produced by Swatch Group, Switzerland and proudly represented by Kallol in Bangladesh. Montrex is a collection of watch for the youth with a flair for being sporty and dynamic. Targeting the growing middle and upper middle class of the country, sporty in designs, unique in style and modeled for perfection. Pierre Cardin watches are inspired and designed by one of fashions leading designers, and have been trendsetting on and off the runway. A leader in the top-range market, innovative design and high-tech scratch resistant materials are the essential marks of the Rado brand. Part of the prestigious Swatch Group, it is solely represented by Kallol in Bangladesh. Romanson is a brand produced in Korea and within a short period has become one of the most popular brand in fashionable watch category, particularly in woman’s range. The name Swatch has always been synonymous with innovation, reliability and style. High quality, visual appeal, delightful fun and a healthy dose of flair all converge in every single Swatch watch.  With a wide range of timepieces, there is a Swatch for anyone. Kallol proudly represent Swatch in Bangladesh. Known as the watches that ‘take a lickin and keep on ticking’, with a large and varied line of watches, Timex has the style for everyone. From the locker room to the board room, there is a great Timex style time-piece for you. Tissot, with its signature 'Innovators by Tradition’, provides a broad, versatile range of high-quality timepieces at an attractive price, showing its commitment to making excellence accessible. Titan has left an indelible footprint across the world, taking its dedication to quality and flair for design to 27 countries worldwide, including the Middle-East, South-East Asia and Africa. As you read this, a Titan watch is being bought somewhere in the world. Westar is known for coining the term variety  by pioneering the concept of a watch as a fashion accessory. For more than 166 years, Cross has re-invented writing instruments, combining design ingenuity with jewelry-quality craftsmanship. A leading manufacturer and renowned pen specialist since 1888.Parker's handcrafted pens reflect innovation, style and quality, and are made with the finest materials and care. Pierre Cardin, as a brand,  means a world of unceasing innovation, romance, classic and grace. Each pen is carefully designed and crafted to fit the individual. Sheaffer pens are used worldwide by loyal and diverse friends who appreciate elegance and class. You have a signature. And Sheaffer gives you the power to show the world what it is. Blending prestigious materials, colour and a distinctive vibrant style,  Waterman continues to  create some of most inventive and elegant writing instruments today.
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