Joint venture


Kallol Thai President Foods (BD) Ltd.

On 18 August 2010, Kallol Group went into a joint venture with Thai President Food PLC, Saha Pathana Inter-Holding Public Co. Ltd., Saha Pathanapibul Public Co. Ltd. & I.C.C. International Public Co. Ltd of Thailand to produce famous noodle brand Mama in Bangladesh. The JV project has gone in production in its newly acquired factory in Gazipur from 2012 and produce noodle and snacks products.

Product Brand Name:

  • Mama
  • Snackle

Jyothy Kallol Bangladesh Ltd.

On 17 May 2010, Kallol Group formed another joint venture with Jyothy Laboratories of India. The JV will produce fabric whitener Ujala, detergent, mosquito repellant Maxo and many more products in Bangladesh. The JV is working on its production facility in Tongi currently and in future plans to produce detergent and liquid products in newly acquired factory in Manikganj.

Product Brand Name:

  • Ujala


Kohinoor Detergent factory- Jet

2006 Kallol Group of Companies acquires Jet Detergent factory, a brand which is more than 50 years old. Jet concern name TLRA Holdings Ltd is situated in Tongi with fully equipped machineries from Italy, Ballestra S.P.A Company. This factory produces two types of Detergents which are premium quality Jet Powder and Kohinoor. The factory was established in 1968 and production started in 2006. The production process contains two unique processes to produce Detergent powders. Spray dry process is used to produce Jet and Dry mixing process is used to produce Kohinoor. The factory produces six SKUs of Jet and three SKUs of Kohinoor.

Product Brand Name:

  • Jet
  • Kohinoor

Kohinoor Detergent factory- Soap

Recently Kallol Group of Companies acquired Beauty soap & laundry bar manufacturing factory. The concern name TLRA Holdings Ltd is situated in Tongi with fully equipped machineries from Italy, Ballestra S.P.A Company.

The recently acquired bar & soap factory produces Aromatic & Camelia, renowned beauty bathing bar. It will come in market in different colors and attractive fragrances which helps to keep the skin fresh for the day long.

Product Brand Name:

  • Aromatic
  • Camelia

Kawachi Industries

Kawachi is a sister concern of Kallol Group of Companies and it belongs to the composite industry for cleaning items. Year 2012 Kallol acquired Kawachi detergent factory with state of art machineries from Italy, Mazoni brand, Ballestra S.P.A Company. Kawachi Detergent and Chemical Industries Ltd. produces all sorts of premium detergent powder & all types of liquid detergent such as dish wash, car wash, fabric softener and so on.


Fay Industries

Kallol became licensee of Fay International UK in 1986 and started producing different Tissue products in Bangladesh under the brand name of Fay.

Now Kallol produces Fay Facial Tissue, Serviette Tissue, Bathroom Tissue, Cotton buds locally under brand name of Fay.

Product Brand Name:

  • Fay



Future Projects

Kallol is in the process of developing a hospitality project. Planned as a three tower complex, one tower is planned to be a part of a five star hotel chain, one tower as office complex and the other as the service apartment.

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